Current Date 7 July, 2020


Ng Kim Yi

I Like to attend lessons at Neuromath as the strategies are easy to learn and apply and are very helpful in my work


Lessons at Neuromath have proved to be very effective for me. My grades last year improve from 57% to 80%

Sophia Chew

I like the teacher! When a student likes the teacher, a student will be more willing to attend classes ????

Jia Wei

The methods taught to attempt the questions are easy and understandable

Jolene Khoo

Classes are enriching and helped me to understand the concepts better and how to utilize it

Sean Tan Kai Wen

I get to learn new stuff and attempt math questions without complication

Mother of Melissa Hecker (Temasek Primary School)

Melissa asked to start classes at Neuromath after her mid-year exams in P5. She had been getting As but wanted to push herself to attain A*.

She was really excited to learn new math methods and concepts and looked forward to applying them to her problem sums at school. She looks forward to each Neuromath lesson. Since then, Melissa has been scoring above 90 marks consistently. The main benefit of the lessons is that she approaches each problem with confidence and is not afraid to take time to think through which method is best suited to each problem.

The teachers at Neuromath are very caring and patient, and good at imparting skills to the students. The students are not just given the solution, but the tools to finding the solution.

Brennan Bay

Brennan was referred to Neuromath by my friend, whose daughter was taught by Ms Janevy and is currently still learning from the centre. Prior to joining Neuromath, Brennan was on his own under my coaching during exam periods.

However, as he progressed to Primary 6, the problem sums got tougher and that’s when I decided it’s better for him to learn from someone with experience, to improve his understanding and achieve better results for PSLE.

He joined Ms Janevy’s class and totally enjoyed every lesson. She has been very patient in guiding him on his queries, and would even spend extra time before the actual lesson to go through what he didn’t understand. Brennan would always tell me he learnt something new in class to help him solve his maths problems. The lessons were never boring!

As a hands-on parent, I communicated often with Ms Janevy. She is always obliging in answering my queries via email. She even gave Brennan extra materials to help him prep for his recent CA.

After just 3 months of tuition under Ms Janevy, Brennan’s SA1 paper 2 improved by a whopping 10 marks from his recent CA1 in March. And he scored his very first A*!

All thanks to Ms Janevy for her inspirational teachings.

Father of Melissa Ong (Gong Shan Primary School)

She used to give a quick pass to any Math questions she thinks is difficult to her but now she is more confident and interested in attempting tougher questions. Melissa also used to smile, say yes and nodded her head in agreement even though she doesn’t understand the explanations given to her but now she will challenge my explanations with her own understanding of the methods taught by Norman and teachers.

Mother of Jarrel Tan (Rulang Primary School)

He became more responsible and more aware of his attitude towards Math. He wants to do well for Math now and is unleashing his will to do so also. Now he will attempt to complete all his Math questions. Previously he will always say ‘I have not been taught. It is too difficult.

Mrs Suzie Teo Mother of Joel Previously from Bedok West Primary School (Improved from 43 marks for prelims to Grade B for PSLE)

Joel started his primary education with good achievements in and liked Mathematics. However, as he progressed through the years, I noticed that his performance in this subject began to decline sometime in P4 but didn’t think much of it as he already has Math tuition. I started to get real worried when his performance continued to drop and he failed his Math in P5. He had problems understanding the various complex concepts and as a result, his interest in Math dropped as well.

At around that time, I learned about Norman Tien Mathematics from a colleague. With 1 year to PSLE, I thought I’ll just give it a try. I heard the numerous testimonies from previous parents/students and thought id it could happen to Joel. I discussed with Joel and got his buy-in. Joel went through the Intensive PSLE course and a preparation course. He was also given additional coaching. He enjoyed the lessons as Norman conducted him in a very lively and practical way. As he learned and understood the end to end concepts, I noticed that he’s more confident and slowly, his interest returned. He is also more willing to practice his Math and he now understood how to get there. Regularly, I would check with him if he understood what was taught and if it makes sense to him. His answer was always positive. He put in a lot of hard work and the reward came when he achieved a B for Math in PSLE.

I would like to thank Norman Tien and his teachers for their patience and guidance. They have certainly helped Joel attain his results.

Mrs K Tay Mother of Tessa Tay Previously from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Improved from 55 marks for prelims to Grade B for PSLE)

My daughter, Tessa Tay, benefited greatly from Mr Norman Tien’s PSLE Intensive Revision Program last year. Not only did her grades improved significantly but she actually came to like Mathematics. In fact, she looks forward to attending all of Mr. Tien’s classes. From her worst nightmares, Mathematics has become one of her favorite subjects.

Severin Goh Mother of Keiren Goh Previously from ACS (Primary) (Improved from 45% in SA1 to an A in PSLE)

My son’s Mathematics grade began dropping quite suddenly. From holding an 80% average in the beginning and middle of his P5 year, he failed his year end paper. Hoping that it was just a freak of nature and that he would recover the following year, I was horrified and anxious when he scored 45 marks for the P6 mid year exam. I sounded out a friend about my frustration and desperation as the PSLE was drawing close. She recommended I send him to Norman Tien for his PSLE Intensive Revision Course during the June Holidays. She had had similar problems with her son and had seen a marked improvement.

My son found some of Mr. Tien’s methods different from those taught in school and easier to understand. He found the classes interesting and though it was hard word, Mr. Tien never failed to motivate him. When my son sat for the Preliminary exam he managed to pass and improve his score by 20 marks! He received an achievement award from his school as he showed such a vast improvement.

My son and I would like to thank Mr. Tien and his wonderful staff for the support, effort and concern they showed the children during this most trying and stressful year. I would gladly recommend any child to attend his course. In fact, I have just enrolled my daughter as well!

Mrs Trish Giam Mother of Beverly Previously from Poi Ching School (Improved from 65 marks for prelims to Grade A* for PSLE)

Being away during the whole month of June holidays preparing for an international Wushu competition, Beverly did not have enough math practices at all. If it’s not because of PSLE Intensive Revision Programme, she would not have achieved an A* in her PLSE. I highly recommend all students to go for this valuable course.

Sharon Mother of Teo Min Si

My daughter, Teo Min Si, has been with Neuromath since Primary 4. Prior to joining the centre, she has difficulty in understanding concepts and heuristics taught in school and applying it to the problems sums that she comes across. With Neuromath’s method of associating a heuristics with a funny and unique name and following up each lesson with detailed practice paper by topics, she is able to solve the majority of problem sums. The centre’s teaching method has proved to be effective for my daughter and with the confidence gained, she was able to garner an “A” in PSLE 2010.
Thank you Mr Tien, Teacher Vanessa and everyone for the guidance extended to my daughter!

Lemuel Lee

When I first joined Neuromath, I thought that there was no hope left for me because I had already failed both my mid-year and prelims Math! My parents signed me up for intensive one to one tuition to try to squeeze out something, if there was anything left, in my brain!

My first impression of my trainer was that she was very young and I had no confidence in her. But as we progressed, I begin to realise that she was actually very well trained and was able to make her lessons interesting and fun. I enjoyed going for tuition at Neuromath! I began to learn math strategy in a more interesting ways.
Mr Tien also encouraged me not to give up and to think about my future!! So I decided to put in my best effort and also practised everyday, and the rest is history….. : )
I got all As for my PSLE and now can go to the school of my choice – Fairfield Sec School.

Though all the lessons had burned a hole in my parents’ pocket, it was ALL WORTH IT!!!!!

Dawn lo Parent of Liak Yuan Ying

My daughter, Yuan Ying, is not a math enthusiast. I am glad that I came across one of the parental talks given by Neuromath. What impresses me was that Mr Tien had gathered PSLE questions from different schools and past years’ questions, sorted them according to topics and levels of difficulty. And he devises strategies to tackle various challenging questions and gives them funny names to make it easier for students to remember. When my daughter’s math score dipped to 50.5 marks in her P5 SA1, I decided it is high time to send her to Neuromath for tuitions. Since then, her score jumped to 77 for her P5 SA2, 87 for her P6 CA1 and 76 for her prelim. She got A* for her PSLE Math. I would like to thank Ms Janevy for her dedicated hard work, and Mr Tien for providing the online e portal service which helped home revision tremendously in the last two crucial months. Without them, Yuan Ying would not have gained the confidence she badly needed to shine in her PSLE.

Parents of Jia Lin (CHIJ ST Nicholas Girls’ Schools)

Jia Lin has not been doing well, lost her confidence and interest in P6 Mathematics. Fighting an uphill battle with time with only 4 months left before the PSLE date. A colleague recommended Neuromath to me.

We decided to bank our hope on what Ms Yvonne, her tutor in Neuromath will teach her. Ms Yvonne not only imparted to Jia Lin the skill of Neuromath strategy and methodically breakdown questions. On top of this, the Intensive Programme in September conducted by Mr Tien has greatly motivated our daughter in doing Mathematics questions with confidence and avoidance in careless mistakes. This has allowed her to clinch an A grade in her PSLE. Thank you Neuromath.

Mrs Ivy Chen Mother of Vanessa Ching (CHIJ Katong Primary)

First of all, I would like to thank Mr Norman Tien and Ms Janevy for helping my daughter to attain an A* for her Mathematics in this year’s PSLE. I am very proud of her achievement. Vanessa had greatly enjoyed and benefitted from the PSLE tuition programme and the intensive revision workshop, she also enjoyed learning on the e-learning portal and had learnt many new strategies. Teacher Janevy and Mr Norman Tien were very helpful especially during PSLE period when Vanessa needed lots of help. They were very encouraging and always gave positive remarks. Vanessa had became more confident. Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Mr Norman Tien and all his staff for their patience and guidance.

Dr Bok Parent of Elliot Bok

Your teaching of the solution methods and your insistence in corrections and checking of corrections are all crucial. This also helped my son from relying on ‘guess-and-check’ approach. Sometimes you may give very difficult problems that may be discouraging. Your marking and reward scheme seems to have worked well coupled with your patient and supportive instructors.

Walter Cheung Jun Wai

The programme in Neuromath helped me a lot. Before I attended the programme, my maths almost failed but after attending, I had confidence and scored an A* for PSLE. Thank you Neuromath.

Tejas Venkatesh

I thank Neuromath for their excellent approach towards maths preparation. The intensive practice and exposure to various techniques imparted by Neuromath, coupled with consistent efforts can propel even an average maths student towards an A* in his maths examinations, in record time.

Parent of Tejas Venkatesh

We are extremely pleased with the high standard of excellence at Neuromath. We are very grateful to Tejas’ teachers for taking personal interest in helping him achieve best results in PSLE maths.

Mrs Lynn Chu Mother of Lynnette Chu Yun Li

Lynnette & I would like to thank NeuroMath. From a fail in P5 SA1 to a B in P6 SA1, an A at the prelim and finally an A* at PSLE, Lynnette would not have achieved such excellent results without the help from all of you. My sincere thanks to all the teachers at NeuroMath and especially to teacher Vanessa and Mr Norman Tien who are very approachable and didn’t mind sparing some of their busy time to help us understand some difficult concepts. Thanks Mr Tien and teacher Vanessa!

Ms. Cheryl Lim Parent of Ang Shu Qin, Micaela

Once again, I would like to thank Neuromath and the outstanding teachers who provided Micaela with a strong foundation in Mathematics. I believe this is largely due to the comprehensive and detailed approach that is provided to every student to achieve their potential. Neuromath has done well in developing the best in an individual.

Ms. Cherie Low Mum of Chan Yi Xuan

Yi Xuan enjoys the cognitive games at NeuroScholars tremendously. During each lesson, he is exposed to a wide array of games which helps to develop his different cognitive aspects. Even when he finds some of the games a little challenging, he is very keen to try them and makes an effort to complete them. As a parent, it is really gratifying to see him enjoying his learning process.

Moreover, the different games also help me to better understand his learning style and cognitive profile. I have a clearer idea of what he likes, where his strengths lie, and how to use games to help him develop his weaker areas. I appreciate this opportunity to learn with my child. Thank you!