Current Date 7 July, 2020

Academic – Primary to JC

Primary School

Lower Primary

Neuromath Lower Primary Curriculum is designed to help students build a strong foundation in Heuristics, Model Drawing, Logic Reasoning, Visual Skills and Pattern Observation, necessary to excel in Upper Primary.

Building on basic concepts of each topic, students are exposed to higher-order thinking questions that could better prepare them for the school examination. They are challenged with application questions to exercise critical thinking skill and promote creativity. Activity-based investigative tasks are carefully designed based on the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to help them learn math in a supportive, meaningful way. To reinforce the concepts and strategies learnt, ample written practices are assigned.

We are committed to help students cultivate a positive attitude towards Math from an early age. To engage students, active participation is encouraged which acts as a form of assessment on his or her understanding of the concepts taught. It offers opportunities for students to demonstrate their reasoning, problem-solving and communication skills. Fun, stimulating activities are incorporated to arouse interest through the use of manipulative, puzzles and logic games.

Our experienced teachers are equipped with the relevant skills to evaluate each student’s understanding of lesson through discussion and practices. The materials are carefully crafted to encourage students practice critical-thinking essential in solving mathematical problems in upper primary level.

Upper Primary

Neuromath Upper Primary Curriculum is designed to equip students with the essential strategic know-how in order to handle challenging questions and most importantly, be well prepared for PSLE.

Our team of Math specialists has specifically conceptualised strategies that are effective yet simple enough for students to grasp and apply when they are faced with higher-order thinking application questions. We conduct analysis of exam questions, paying attention to the new trend of questions and common challenges faced by students. The in-depth review churns out a comprehensive, robust curriculum that benefits our students. We expose students to simulated exam questions to give an idea of how they would be tested, and to develop effective exam techniques such as strategies in avoiding common misconceptions and mistakes necessary to scoring the marks he or she truly deserves.

A variety of resources are used to enhance students’ learning. Multimedia, an integral part of the learning programme, is integrated to present math concepts and strategies. It delivers an interactive presentation of concepts, promotes comprehension and retention, especially for visual learners. Revision notes consolidate key strategies to increase students’ retention. Ample written practices are assigned to reinforce concepts and strategies learnt.

Our invaluable resources which include state of the art curriculum and methodology, as well as our group of experienced and dedicated teachers will equip your child with the effective tools to conquer their mathematical challenges and boost their confidence in the subject.



Neuromath Secondary Programme is designed to help students excel in the Singapore – Cambridge GCE O-Level, Integrated Program (IP) and International Baccalaureate (IB). Our curriculum focuses on strengthening one’s fundamental math concepts and skills that are prerequisites to solving application questions. With a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts, students are capable of applying our simple yet effective techniques and shortcuts to handle a variety of challenging problems.

To help our students gain a competitive edge, our Secondary School specialists continue to refine the curriculum so as to keep up to date with developments in the subject area, methods and national objectives. We perform extensive research on the latest trend of exam questions, with great emphasis in developing a rich curriculum that draws out the common challenges faced by students, and provides opportunity to discuss and correct common mistakes and misconceptions. Practical problems are also used to enhance their appreciation towards math and its application in different contexts.

Our nurturing environment supported by a team of dedicated teachers optimizes students’ learning in ways that develop them into confident and independent learners.

Junior College

Junior College

Neuromath Junior College H2 Math Programme is designed to ease students’ transition from Secondary to Junior College (JC) level. Our aim is to help students who are moving on to Year 5 Integrated Programme (IP) or JC1 to ace their Mathematics through our module that has been crafted to provide a structured flow of lessons that reflect the topics in school curriculum.

Our lessons cover the basic skills and concepts required for students to successfully move on to the next level in JC. Classroom worksheets and homework materials serve as another avenue for us to reinforce to our students what they were taught in secondary level while strengthening their skills on the new concepts they are exposed to. Students’ comprehension towards topics will be gauged through rigorous activities and exposure to exam-based questions.

Our worksheets have been meticulously modelled to improve students’ critical-thinking skills while exposing them to topics including Functions and Graphs, Sequences and Series, and Vectors among many others.