Current Date17 November, 2019

Neuromath – P6 Higher Order Thinking Questions Workshop

Attention: Current P5 Parents


Looking for ways to help your child breakthrough the 80-mark hurdle in the Math Paper.


Solution 1:

Chances are your child is getting around 35/45 marks in Paper 1. Paper 1 tests on basic Math foundation and mark loss is usually via carelessness. Concepts that you thought your child should know, for instance ÷ 8, yet he gets it wrong. Note all these Paper 1 mistakes in an exercise book, let your child re-attempt right before each Math exam. This can easily save him 7-8 marks loss in Paper 1.



Solution 2:

Paper 2 problem sums are his biggest bug bear. He struggles to get at least 30/55 in this section. He will breeze through the 2m and 3m questions but that will only get him maximum 25 marks. He can’t identify the concepts tested in the 4m and 5m questions, and to make matter worse, these questions may have cross topics concepts tested in 1 question. The new breed of questioning is not helpful too. The new breed questions range from 3m to 5m per question. If your child have not seen such new breed questions in his daily practice, under high anxiety exam mode setting, he will start to panic and loses confidence.


Our “P6 Higher Order Thinking Questions Workshop” aims to add 10-15marks to your child’s Paper 2. Our strategies do work. Many students and parents have tested it and they came back with positive results.

Venue Date Time Fees Payment
Eastgate 3, 4, 5 Dec 2019 10.30AM - 1.30PM $433.35

Goldhill 19, 20, 21 Nov 2019 10.30AM - 1.30PM $433.35

Call us @ 6342 5229 to find out more. Alternatively, drop us a mail via ask@neuromathacademy.com