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Neuromath – 13 Must Know Concepts Every P5 Students Must Know B4 Moving Onto P6

Attention: Current P5 Parents

13 Concepts Every P5 Students Must Know B4 Moving On To P6s


One of the main reasons why most students find problem sums in Paper 2 difficult is this:

They can’t identify the key words.
They don’t know what the problem sums types are.
They don’t know how to start which explains why they are often stuck.
The TRUTH is there are already PROVEN methods to solve the common problem sums types.

Thousands of parents and children have already learnt this and they told us problem sums became so much easier for them!

You can also make problem sums 2-3x easier for your child, starting today.

Learn the SIMPLE 4Cs technique for your child to score 3/4 or 4/5marks for a problem sum…EVEN IF HE GOT THE FINAL ANSWER WRONG!

(Hint: The trick lies in a simple approach to scoring all of the method marks.)We will be covering:

13 Types of Problem Sums/Concepts every P5 Pupil Must Know by end of P5, they are not considered Higher Order Thinking Questions.

You will see them keep appearing in every P5 school SA2 papers.

  1. Remainder Concept
  2. Equal Concept
  3. One Item Remains Unchanged
  4. Difference Remains Unchanged
  5. Total Remains Unchanged
  6. Working Backwards
  7. Gap and Difference
  8. Set Concept – number of units x value
  9. Both Sides Changed – external unequal change
  10. Simultaneous Equation – EDOT
  11. Multiples Concept
  12. Guess and Check / Assumption Method
  13. Multiples of Difference
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