Current Date26 August, 2019

Neuromath – S1 End of Year Revision Workshop

If your Sec 1 child is currently only scoring 40 – 65marks, it is an alarm bell that he/she needs help.

But it is not too late to do something about it.

Here’s how he can easily get 10-20 more marks for his end of year exam.

S1End Of Year Exam Revision Modules" Pinpoints Your Child’s Weaknesses & Prepares Your Child Well With Relevant Exam-Based Questions.

☑ Targeted Modular Learning saves time and enables effective and efficient learning for your child
☑ Questions based on latest MOE syllabus which requires Mathematical Reasoning, on top of usual computations
☑ Revision on commonly made mistakes
☑ Results oriented and accelerated learning available for those who are able to grasp faster

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Module 1 : Mensuration + Linear Graph

  1. Area and Perimeter
    (Plane figures - Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Circle, Parallelogram, Trapezium,)
  2. Volume and Surface Area
    (Cylinder, Prism, Composite Solids)
  3. Linear Graph
    (Cartesian coordinates in 2D, Linear function, Gradient)

Module 2 : Geometry and Number Pattern

  1. Angles
    (Angles formed by 2 parallel lines and a transversal)
  2. Polygons
    (Properties of triangles, quadrilaterals and regular polygons)
  3. Number Pattern

Module 3 : Algebra


  1. Factorisation
  2. Solving Equations (One variable, Simple fractional equations)
  3. Simplifying Expressions
Venue Module Date Time Fees Payment
Eastgate Mensuration + Linear Graph 12 Sep 2019 10.30 AM - 1.30 PM $144.45

Goldhill Mensuration + Linear Graph 11 Sep 2019 10.30 AM - 1.30 PM $144.45

Eastgate Geometry and Number Patterns 11 Sep 2019 10.30AM - 1.30PM $144.45

Goldhill Geometry and Number Patterns 12 Sep 2019 10.30AM - 1.30PM $144.45

Eastgate Algebra 10 Sep 2019 2.30PM - 5.30PM $144.45

Goldhill Algebra 10 Sep 2019 2.30PM - 5.30PM $144.45

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