Current Date 3 July, 2020

Why Explaining Math Is Not Easy


This workshop is specially designed for P1 & P2 parents.

As an adult, we have no issue solving this question. However, when it comes to teaching your P1 or P2 child, are you facing challenges to get them to understand?

Why kids can’t understand?
What is the magical approach that teacher uses to unlock your child’s understanding?

Listen to how our parents have benefited from our previous talk …….

“I didn’t know that what I’ve been teaching all these while are doing more harm than help to my child! I have definitely benefited from the workshop and I urge all parents to come and learn, and don’t make the same mistakes I did!”

“I thought my explanation to solve the sum is simple and that my son can understand. I was wrong!
He only did what I told him on that day but made the same error the very next day again! I am glad that I attended this workshop and am seeing that my son can apply the techniques every time he sees the question. “

If you have missed the previous workshops, please take action to register for our coming Parents workshop on “Why explaining math is not easy” specially designed for P1 & P2 parents!

Date & Time: 30/03/2019 @ 1-2pm

Venue: 1 Goldhill Plaza, Podium Block #02-01 S(308899)

Fee: Free admission

Speaker: Jeremy Tan, Head Of Curriculum Development In CIT And Lower Primary Specialist

Call us @ 6342 5229 to find out more. Alternatively, drop us a mail via

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