Current Date 7 July, 2020

What Happens After Killer CA1 Paper Destroys Neuromath Students


The 20-30 marks improvement of Neuromath students between CA1 in March and SA1 in June left their parents relieved and assured that their children are in good hands. Neuromath teachers were equally pleased and slightly surprised by how significant their improvement was. For years, our curriculum and strategies have been proven effective to help students improve their marks. Teachers have full faith in our methodology that students will always benefit from classes at Neuromath.However, this year’s P6 CA1 paper, was without a doubt, tough.

Many schools set their paper based on Prelim Exam or PSLE standard. Students faced some questions that would be considered difficult even for PSLE standards. They were not skilled yet in handling the complex questions at the beginning of the P6 year. The reaction of our students after they received their results was heartbreaking. Some of them told us they cried. Others smiled at us and tried to brush it off. However, our discerning eye told us that most of them were demoralised. These are not the kind of grades that Neuromath students are used to receiving, especially those that have been with us since Primary 2.

The silver lining was the reaction of Neuromath parents. They immediately sought our advice and patiently listened to us as we went through a detailed analysis of their children’s paper. While they understood that the paper was meant to be tough, they were also relieved to find out that their kids were able to solve certain non-routine and challenging questions.

For our part, we reacted to this challenge quickly. After analyzing the papers from the different schools, we gained an understanding of the gaps in our students’ learning. We recommended our A* Training Program and PSLE Intensive Revision workshop to further strengthen their fundamental concepts and expose them to higher order thinking questions. Students learned to break down seemingly complex word problems quickly and discovered easy-to-apply strategies that helped them to solve challenging problems. As a result, most of our students showed significant improvement in their math grades in merely 3 months.

We thank the Neuromath parents for the vote of confidence and the students who displayed resilience and willingness to work together with us to improve their results and overcome the sense of setback.