Current Date 7 July, 2020

Parents of Jia Lin

Parents of Jia Lin (CHIJ ST Nicholas Girls’ Schools)

Jia Lin has not been doing well, lost her confidence and interest in P6 Mathematics. Fighting an uphill battle with time with only 4 months left before the PSLE date. A colleague recommended Neuromath to me.

We decided to bank our hope on what Ms Yvonne, her tutor in Neuromath will teach her. Ms Yvonne not only imparted to Jia Lin the skill of Neuromath strategy and methodically breakdown questions. On top of this, the Intensive Programme in September conducted by Mr Tien has greatly motivated our daughter in doing Mathematics questions with confidence and avoidance in careless mistakes. This has allowed her to clinch an A grade in her PSLE. Thank you Neuromath.