Current Date 7 July, 2020

Mrs Suzie Teo Mother of Joel

Mrs Suzie Teo Mother of Joel Previously from Bedok West Primary School (Improved from 43 marks for prelims to Grade B for PSLE)

Joel started his primary education with good achievements in and liked Mathematics. However, as he progressed through the years, I noticed that his performance in this subject began to decline sometime in P4 but didn’t think much of it as he already has Math tuition. I started to get real worried when his performance continued to drop and he failed his Math in P5. He had problems understanding the various complex concepts and as a result, his interest in Math dropped as well.

At around that time, I learned about Norman Tien Mathematics from a colleague. With 1 year to PSLE, I thought I’ll just give it a try. I heard the numerous testimonies from previous parents/students and thought id it could happen to Joel. I discussed with Joel and got his buy-in. Joel went through the Intensive PSLE course and a preparation course. He was also given additional coaching. He enjoyed the lessons as Norman conducted him in a very lively and practical way. As he learned and understood the end to end concepts, I noticed that he’s more confident and slowly, his interest returned. He is also more willing to practice his Math and he now understood how to get there. Regularly, I would check with him if he understood what was taught and if it makes sense to him. His answer was always positive. He put in a lot of hard work and the reward came when he achieved a B for Math in PSLE.

I would like to thank Norman Tien and his teachers for their patience and guidance. They have certainly helped Joel attain his results.