Current Date 3 July, 2020

Primary 1 and Primary 2 Math June Holiday Programmes


The June Holidays is a great opportunity to help your child be more comfortable with Math in primary school through an engaging teaching style. Neuromath is offering a June holiday workshop for Primary 1 and Primary 2 students to help your child.

PRIME Holiday Programme (Perceptual Module) for Primary 1 & 2 A Unique Workshop Designed for Primary 1 and 2 Students to Learn the Critical Skill of Pattern Recognition in Solving Math Problems This PRIME Holiday Programme (Perceptual Module) will give your Primary 1 and 2 child the Math foundation necessary to solve more increasingly complex and ambiguous questions in school and in real life applications. Why is PRIME so important?

  • With the new MOE Critical and Inventive Thinking Framework, changes in the Math syllabus require new skillsets and the ability to manage never-seen-before questions
  • There are distinct benefits of learning these core Math skills when younger. Many upper primary students struggle without a strong foundation in Math and Pattern Recognition.
  • PRIME stands for Pattern Recognition for Innovative Math Excellence. Pattern Recognition is a core skill that many Math achievers have mastered which allows them to recognize the patterns that exist within Math problem sums which remain “invisible” to many other students.

Workshop Programme

  • Summative Assessment with Pre-Test on Day 1 and Post-Test on Day 3
  • Specially Crafted Learning Activities and Manipulatives to Develop the New Perceptual Skills in Math
  • Conducted by our PRIME Trainers with over decades of experience in MOE
  • Children will learn to “SEE” and experience Math from new dimensions
  • Problem solving skillset to apply to real life applications beyond school book

Available at both Eastgate and Goldhill Branch