Current Date 3 July, 2020

Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 Math June Holiday Programmes


The June Holidays is a great opportunity to fill in all the missing gaps in learning and to help you Neuromath is organising revision workshops for both A-Math and E-Math to make sure that you are fully prepared for the upcoming exams.

E-Math Intensive Revision Workshop by Modules

This workshop will include revision of concepts for each topic and teaching of answering techniques according to O’ level marking standards.

Modules available:

  • Application of Trigonometry : Sine and Cosine Rule
  • Geometry- Properties of Circles
  • Arc Length & Sector Area Mensuration
  • Vectors: Congruency and Similarity
  • Application of Trigonometry : 3-Dimension Questions

Available at both Goldhill and Eastgate Branch

A-Math Mastery by Topics

Our Sec 3 math workshop is specifically designed to enhance understanding of past topics in Algebra and Coordinate Geometry so that students can feel more comfortable and confident to tackle the new challenges in Upper Sec.

Modules available:

  • Partial Fraction
  • Remainder & Factor Theorem
  • Trigonometry

Available at both Goldhill and Eastgate Branch