Neuromath - 2017 October SA2 Preparation Course

Attention P3 - 5 Parents!

1.5 MORE MONTHS to P3-5 SA2!!!

This SA2 exam is crucial for your child.

SA2 carries the heaviest weightage in all exams in the academic year.

And it includes all topics learnt this year and even previous years’ work.

Most schools practise banding of students at the end of P3/4/5SA2, for a good reason. To maximise each child’s learning in school.

It is a known fact that in the top 2-3 banded classes, the learning attitude of their peers is more positive and students naturally strive to do well cos of the competitive environment. And cos the students can absorb the basic Math concepts faster, teachers in these top banded classes will stretch the students further with higher order thinking word problems and heuristic questions.

This is why many parents who come to Neuromath told us that it is crucial for their children to stream into a better banded class, so that he/she will have the best teachers and classroom environment to up their chances to excel in PSLE. Not being kiasu, but our children spend long hours in school, including after-school supplementary lessons, it is only reasonable to hope time and learning is maximised in school.

For the better students, they have to prove in the final SA2, that they are at the correct standard to remain in the top banded class.

For the weaker students, SA2 also provides an opportunity for them to move up to a better class, if their grades have improved.

Start your SA2 preparation early and be well-prepared for it.

We want to help your child discover strategies that high achievers use to make math problem sums simpler for him/her.

With just 1.5 months to SA2, there are multiple subjects to prepare and within each subject, many topics to revise. WHAT SHOULD YOUR CHILD FOCUS ON?

Leave this daunting task of planning a comprehensive math revision to my team of HOD and teachers, as this is the area of our expertise.

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