Yi Xuan enjoys the cognitive games at NeuroScholars tremendously. During each lesson, he is exposed to a wide array of games which helps to develop his different cognitive aspects. Even when he finds some of the games a little challenging, he is very keen to try them and makes an effort to complete them. As a parent, it is really gratifying to see him enjoying his learning process.
Moreover, the different games also help me to better understand his learning style and cognitive profile. I have a clearer idea of what he likes, where his strengths lie, and how to use games to help him develop his weaker areas. I appreciate this opportunity to learn with my child. Thank you!
Ms. Cherie Low, Mum of Chan Yi Xuan (6 years old)
Since starting NeuroScholars in April 2013, Rebekah has shown great improvements in her ability to understand mathematics concepts. With that, her school teachers gave feedback that she was confident in sharing her newly-learnt math knowledge and would often teach her friends in school. Thumbs-up for lessons @ NeuroScholars
Ms. Lennie Hong, Mum of Rebekah Pung Qi En (7 years old)
NeuroScholars does not only able to help Nathan understand math concepts, they also bring up his interest in the subject. My only regret is that we didn’t send Nathan here earlier.
Ms. Donna Chiu, Mum of Nathan Siew (8 years old)
Teaching materials are very creative and helps keep the children’s attention in class. The teacher is also very patient and is able to explain math concept to the young children.
Ms. Shawna Lum, Mum of Faith Han Xiao Xuan (5 years old)
Kendrick has improved a lot after attending Neuromath Junior especially his interest in math has increased. I think this is because of teacher Nana’s way of teaching has made him focus more in the class. We’ve also tested him in the car from time to time while travelling from point A to point B. He could give the correct answer faster than before. Thanks to Neuromath.
Ms Kelly Tan, Mum of Kendrick Teo Shi Han (8 years old)
I am so glad to see Zi Ting growing in self-confidence. Initially, she used to be very shy in unfamiliar situations. With positive affirmations and extra patience from Teacher Esther, Zi Ting is now blossoming with confidence. Her increased social skills and enthusiasm for learning are impressive.
Ms Leong, Mum of Tay Zi Ting (6 years old)
Josh has shown great enthusiasm for mathematics since signing up for NeuroScholars. The programme has also given him more confidence and ignite his thinking skills. We have been impressed with his development.
Ms Annie, Mum of Josh Chan Kae-Jit (7 years old)
I got to know about Neuromath when my elder son attended the P6 revision class and was impressed by the individual attention and care by the teacher towards my son. So when NeuroScholars was introduced, I signed up without hesitation. Indeed, the class is very interactive and interesting incorporating many motor skills activities and observation trainings. The teacher is also very friendly and flexible and can engage the children very well. Charlotte is always looking forward to the class. This class would delightedly bring great interest to mathematics in a fun and enjoyable environment.
Ms. Judy Goh, Mum of Teo Jia Luo Charlotte (5 years old)
My 5 years old daughter had been struggling to grasp the very basic concepts of mathematics such as addition, greater than/lesser than etc. These made hardly any sense to her and she used to guess the answers. However, the experts at Neuromath Junior explained the basic as well as higher level maths, time, money, spatial, logical, sequential, executive functions and concepts to her with such simplicity and excellent aids, that now Alayna has started enjoying math! I am ever so grateful to Neuromath Junior for their help in giving Alayna a wonderful head start for P1 math preparation.
Ms Manisha Kishore, Mum of Alayna (8 years old)
Timothy is always looking forward to attending NeuroScholars. We did not know learning math can be so fun and interesting. A special thanks to the teacher for making every lesson so alive and fun!
Ms. Nancy Ng, Mum of Low Timothy Zach (8 years old)
My husband and I are constantly impressed at how Neuromath Junior (Teacher Nana’s) creative thematic methods spur critical thinking and enable learning in an experimental and fun way for kids. Joshua really enjoys the interactive methods and variety of themes used during each lesson. I am likewise enriched by the brief “Recap” session after each lessons whereby I can understand what was taught in class and can continue to extend Joshua’s learning along similar processes.
Ms. Han Hui Chen, Mum of Joshua Foo (8 years old)
En Qi has been with NJR for almost 2 terms under the coaching of Teacher Esther. The teacher focuses on the longest on the curriculum and is highly observant of how every child learns. She is very motivating in her interaction with the children and gives them the space to excel and achieve. She identified the appreciation and enjoyment of maths as a goal for the children through the hands-on activities designed. This further nurtures their confidence to apply the knowledge to solve problems.
Ms Angela, Mum of Chung En Qi (7 years old)
I truly believe this class has done wonders for my child. Ruhiya has thoroughly enjoyed this class from her excitement to attend each week and enthusiasm in class. I believe this class has given us the base ground for her
Ms Narjis Rarshid, Mum of Ruhiya (4 years old)
Melissa asked to start classes at Neuromath after her mid-year exams in P5. She had been getting As but wanted to push herself to attain A*.

She was really excited to learn new math methods and concepts and looked forward to applying them to her problem sums at school. She looks forward to each Neuromath lesson. Since then, Melissa has been scoring above 90 marks consistently. The main benefit of the lessons is that she approaches each problem with confidence and is not afraid to take time to think through which method is best suited to each problem.

The teachers at Neuromath are very caring and patient, and good at imparting skills to the students. The students are not just given the solution, but the tools to finding the solution.
Mother of Melissa Hecker Temasek Primary School
Brennan was referred to Neuromath by my friend, whose daughter was taught by Ms Janevy and is currently still learning from the centre. Prior to joining Neuromath, Brennan was on his own under my coaching during exam periods. However, as he progressed to Primary 6, the problem sums got tougher and that's when I decided it's better for him to learn from someone with experience, to improve his understanding and achieve better results for PSLE.

He joined Ms Janevy's class and totally enjoyed every lesson. She has been very patient in guiding him on his queries, and would even spend extra time before the actual lesson to go through what he didn't understand. Brennan would always tell me he learnt something new in class to help him solve his maths problems. The lessons were never boring!

As a hands-on parent, I communicated often with Ms Janevy. She is always obliging in answering my queries via email. She even gave Brennan extra materials to help him prep for his recent CA.

After just 3 months of tuition under Ms Janevy, Brennan's SA1 paper 2 improved by a whopping 10 marks from his recent CA1 in March. And he scored his very first A*!

All thanks to Ms Janevy for her inspirational teachings.
Mother of Brennan Bay Tao Nan School
She used to give a quick pass to any Math questions she thinks is difficult to her but now she is more confident and interested in attempting tougher questions. Melissa also used to smile, say yes and nodded her head in agreement even though she doesn’t understand the explanations given to her but now she will challenge my explanations with her own understanding of the methods taught by Norman and teachers.
Father of Melissa Ong Gong Shan Primary School
Valerie has shown much improvement in her school Math works, especially her model drawings, as her school teacher had praised her. Well, she is quite proud of it. She is also able to solve challenging questions using the correct strategy as she is now able to identify key words from the questions
Mother of Valerie One Rosyth School
Joel started his primary education with good achievements in and liked Mathematics. However, as he progressed through the years, I noticed that his performance in this subject began to decline sometime in P4 but didn’t think much of it as he already has Math tuition. I started to get real worried when his performance continued to drop and he failed his Math in P5. He had problems understanding the various complex concepts and as a result, his interest in Math dropped as well.
At around that time, I learned about Norman Tien Mathematics from a colleague. With 1 year to PSLE, I thought I’ll just give it a try. I heard the numerous testimonies from previous parents/students and thought id it could happen to Joel. I discussed with Joel and got his buy-in. Joel went through the Intensive PSLE course and a preparation course. He was also given additional coaching. He enjoyed the lessons as Norman conducted him in a very lively and practical way. As he learned and understood the end to end concepts, I noticed that he’s more confident and slowly, his interest returned. He is also more willing to practice his Math and he now understood how to get there. Regularly, I would check with him if he understood what was taught and if it makes sense to him. His answer was always positive. He put in a lot of hard work and the reward came when he achieved a B for Math in PSLE.
I would like to thank Norman Tien and his teachers for their patience and guidance. They have certainly helped Joel attain his results.
Mrs Suzie Teo Mother of Joel Previously from Bedok West Primary School (Improved from 43 marks for prelims to Grade B for PSLE)
He became more responsible and more aware of his attitude towards Math. He wants to do well for Math now and is unleashing his will to do so also. Now he will attempt to complete all his Math questions. Previously he will always say ‘I have not been taught. It is too difficult.
Mother of Jarrel Tan Rulang Primary School
My daughter, Tessa Tay, benefited greatly from Mr Norman Tien’s PSLE Intensive Revision Program last year. Not only did her grades improved significantly but she actually came to like Mathematics. In fact, she looks forward to attending all of Mr. Tien’s classes. From her worst nightmares, Mathematics has become one of her favorite subjects.
Mrs K Tay Mother of Tessa Tay Previously from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Improved from 55 marks for prelims to Grade B for PSLE)

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