Saturday, 15 July 2017
98% of P5 students could not do these "crazily" P5CA2 questions.

Reason: These are P6 standard questions appearing in P5CA2 2016 and mostly mirrored after PSLE qn. 

We gave these questions to five P5GEP students.
3 of them could manage 4 questions but only after spending 10-15 minutes per question.
Every P5 student knows he only has 5 min per question for Paper 2 questions. 
In exam setting, there won't be the luxury to spend 15 minutes on each question.

Come learn what's the main concept tested and the easy approach to these challenging questions from ex Math HOD tr Janevy on 2 days.

Teacher Janevy has personally helped 742 students achieved A* in PSLE Math in her 20 years of teaching.  Yes, 742 A* not including the As students.  Haha yes, the school had tasked her to take on P6 students from her 2nd year of teaching career!  Teacher Janevy's no nonsense  yet fun loving style has won her good rapport with many parents and students.

Download the questions from the link below to let your P5 child attempt. Most topics except Percentage, your P5 child has already learnt in semester 1.


Who should attend:
- Students who obtained at least 70% in P5SA1
- Students who r motivated & want to do well in upcoming CA2 and SA2.
- Students who do not want to attempt such questions only in exam for the 1st time
- Students who have started preparing for their PSLE

Duration: 2 days x 2.5hr
Day/Dates: 17 & 18 Aug (During PSLE Oral Days) 
Time: 10.00 AM - 12.30 PM
Venue: Eastgate branch, Neuromath  Centre (Katong area)
Cost:  $267.50 (Public) | $192.60 (Neuromath student)

Full detailed solutions will be provided after the workshop. 
Only 16 places available.
Sign up now to avoid disappointment!!!

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