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Who We Are

Neuromath was founded in 2002 by Mr Norman Tien, a PSLE Math Trainer with over 20 years of teaching experience. His passionate drive to help every child excel acts as a catalyst, inspiring his team to deliver quality teaching and help learners realise their full potential. Supported by a dynamic team, Neuromath has delivered the learning solutions to thousands of students from pre-primary to secondary levels.

Our highly qualified, experienced teachers are constantly committed in extensive research to keep abreast of the developments in Math education. They exhibit a strong desire of going the extra mile to ensure each child receives the best opportunity to grow, and be equipped with relevant tools to succeed in school and life.

Why We Are Different

Neuromath is a premier Math learning centre, providing quality education to learners from pre-primary to junior college levels. To inspire students to learn, lessons are conducted in an engaging environment. It helps to stimulate their interest in the subject and motivation to excel further in life.
We take pride in offering a holistic ability-based approach in our curriculum. Our unique curriculum is meticulously crafted by our team of experienced Neuromath teachers. Comprehensive materials and learner-centric teaching approaches are adopted, catering to the different needs of our students. We believe the key to success in learning goes beyond mundane drills. Our programmes aim to promote students’ critical thinking skill and equip them with effective strategies to solve problems confidently.
At Neuromath, putting the child first is our utmost priority. Diagnostic assessments are conducted to identify learning opportunities of each individual. With an understanding of the child’s strengths and challenges, we could determine the programme that best suits him or her. Parents also benefit from the feedback by getting suggestions on ways to support the child.
To further benefit the students, each class has a low student-teacher ratio to provide each child with more individual attention. It encourages greater participation in class that can promote a better understanding on the concepts and topics.
As we grow, we continue to strive to help each individual excel in Math with our proprietary learning solutions and strong partnership with parents and dedicated teachers. We are committed to ensure each lesson adds value to your child and help each child scores the marks he or she truly deserves.

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2015 Outstanding Results

  • 100

    Atiel The

    Primary 2 - Marymount Convent School
  • 100

    Maya Mathi Kohn

    Primary 2 - CHIJ OLGC
  • 100

    Josh Chan Kai-Jit

    Primary 2 - Maris Stella High School
  • 100

    Ang Kuan Ning

    Primary 2 - Tao Nan School
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