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We aspire to be a trusted partner to parents in the development of their child’s cognitive skills at an early age. Read more
Neuromath Lower Primary Curriculum helps students build a strong foundation in Heuristics, Model Drawing... Read more
Neuromath Secondary Programme is designed to help students excel in the Singapore – Cambridge GCE O-Level... Read more
Neuromath Junior College H2 Math Programme is designed to help students transition who are moving... Read more

Who We Are

Neuromath was founded in 2002 by Mr Norman Tien, a PSLE Math Trainer with over 20 years of teaching experience. His passionate drive to help every child excel acts as a catalyst, inspiring his team to deliver quality teaching and help learners realise their full potential. Supported by a dynamic team, Neuromath has delivered the learning solutions to thousands of students from pre-primary to junior college levels.
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What People Say

My husband and I are constantly impressed at how Neuromath Junior (Teacher Nana’s) creative thematic methods spur critical thinking and enable learning in an experimental and fun way for kids. Joshua really enjoys the interactive methods and variety of themes used during each lesson. I am likewise enriched by the brief “Recap” session after each lessons whereby I can understand what was taught in class and can continue to extend Joshua’s learning along similar processes.
Ms. Han Hui Chen, Mum - of Joshua Foo (8 years old)
Once again, I would like to thank Neuromath and the outstanding teachers who provided Micaela with a strong foundation in Mathematics. I believe this is largely due to the comprehensive and detailed approach that is provided to every student to achieve their potential. Neuromath has done well in developing the best in an individual.
Cheryl Lim (Parent of Ang Shu Qin, Micaela)
Lynnette & I would like to thank NeuroMath. From a fail in P5 SA1 to a B in P6 SA1, an A at the prelim and finally an A* at PSLE, Lynnette would not have achieved such excellent results without the help from all of you. My sincere thanks to all the teachers at NeuroMath and especially to teacher Vanessa and Mr Norman Tien who are very approachable and didn’t mind sparing some of their busy time to help us understand some difficult concepts. Thanks Mr Tien and teacher Vanessa!
Lynn Chu (Mother of Lynnette Chu Yun Li)


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    Primary 2 - CHIJ OLGC
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